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Denikka Maly

Hi, my name is Denikka Maly; I am the founder and owner of The D-Clutter Company.  Let me tell you a bit about myself...  I have always had a passion for organizing and helping others gain control of their surroundings.   Organization has perpetually been a part of my life.  I have invariably been known as the "go to" person to help others create a clutter-free, healthy, and nurturing environment. 

I earned my bachelor's degree in psychology and political science, and a minor in pre-law at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN.  In my work within the corporate world, I have had over 10 years of experience in organization, project management, job-analysis, business administration, communication and general management.  I left the corporate world to follow my passion and use the skills and experience I learned, along with my psychological insight to help people.  I thrive on the excitement and life-changing experience that comes from each D-Clutter session. The
D-Clutter Company is a full service business that specializes in residential organizing. 

The company is designed to meet the organizational needs of individuals and families - we are proud to say that we work in teams.  By working in teams it saves you time and money!.  What we do is develop a customized organizing system for your space – something that best suits YOUR needs.  We help get rid of clutter once and for all!  We do anything from one-room makeovers to whole-house overhauls.  Through our process, we help you live in a calm and orderly home.  I like to call it hitting the reset button
When it comes to clutter or disorganization, several key words come to mind: overwhelmed, anxiety, procrastination, anger, embarrassment, frustration, and many more...  Some or all of these might sound familiar to you.  The D-Clutter Company will provide creative solutions to help you get rid of these feelings and bring you to a point where you can live your best life!

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