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Why Us

You have a choice when you look for a business storage partner. Here's why Corostuff is the better choice for how you store your business stuff.

Our Space, Not Yours

Your office space is precious. Clutter not only affects your employees' efficiency, but it also affects how your clients perceive you. CoroStuff helps free up your time, maximize your workspace, and save you money by decluttering your office.

Know Your Inventory and Stay Organized

Trade shows, holidays, extra IT equipment. Instead of storing it all in a room, and not knowing where to find things when you need them, let us help you stay organized with CoroStuff's tracking and storage system so that you have access to your inventory when you need it.

We'll Find It and Bring It to You

Got an event coming up, and need a certain set of marketing materials? Let CoroStuff know and we will find it, and deliver your stuff to you, so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Keep Your Things Close to Where You Need It

Maybe your headquarters are in SF, but you have another field office in LA. Keep your stuff stored near the location that you need them, and we'll deliver it to you.

Stay within Your Budget

Got a few bin's worth, or a whole room's worth of stuff? Our storage service costs much lower than traditional self-storage. Order what you need so you can make sure you are still staying within your budget.

Keep Your Stuff Safe

Whether they are fragile Christmas decorations, or important client files, You want to keep your belongings safe. Our facilities will keep them safe and clean with our top-notch security. Clean, organized and safe storage, not subject to floods, fires, bugs and rats.


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Phone(858) 748-1100 x1273
Address12302 Kerran Street
City/Sate/ZipPoway, California 92064

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